At Yorkshires we believe that we are only as good as our clients think we are. That is why we listen to what you have to say and then we design a cleaning specification to work around you, giving you ‘the client’ the very best of cleaning standards. Creating a work environment for your staff where their skills and expertise are not hampered with due to a dirty desk or overflowing waste bin.

With a detailed site cleaning specification, good trained staff and management that do exactly that ‘manage’, Yorkshires are confident that we can and will deliver on what we preach, a safe clean working environment for you and your staff.

Estimates and advice are always free of charge. If you would like further details please give us a call, we would be more than happy to talk to you and even happier to meet you.

What we do

Office Cleaning

We use the latest cleaning equipment, specifically designed towards office cleaning, checklists and quality assurance systems.

School Cleaning

Our Managing Director has worked as a school Site Manager for a large Buckinghamshire Grammar School for over 20 years, so he knows the problems that face a commercial cleaning company working in a school environment.

Washroom Services

All you need to do is decided which of the services you need and Yorkshires will manage the rest for you.

Waste and Recycling Management

Yorkshires can put together a hassle-free recycling program that will improve your workplace environment and help the way your own staff look at recycling.

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